Tips To Avoid A DUI Arrest

First tip to avoid a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) arrest? Don’t drive if you are high or if you are drunk.


But, in the present day, statistics show that it is truly hard to avoid instances of driving under the influence, especially when a lot of people feel that drinking does not affect their ability to drive.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA and most state statutes, say that drivers are impaired at 0.08 BAC or blood alcohol concentration. Even with rules and regulations as such have been created, it remains true that people above that level can still be able to drive without causing an accident, and people below that level can already be intoxicated enough to cause harm.


Thus, it would be helpful to have a few tips to avoid a DUI arrest.


First, the car registration should be current. Most people who get stopped by officers and are accused of DUI saw that the registration tag is expired.


Next, obey the traffic laws at all times. The only reason people get stopped by police officer is they violate the traffic laws. Don’t drive above or below the limit. Keep the u-turns in areas you will be traversing in mind. Always signal – whether making turns or changing lanes. Obedient drivers very, very rarely get stopped.



Be certain that the car itself is not going against any legal codes, and is operating well. Check your rear turn signal, front plate and brake lights. Once an officer can state any problem about your car, even just a simple defect, the stop would be declared constitutional by the court. On the other hand, a stop by a police officer can be considered unconstitutional when he has no reason to stop your vehicle, but he did.


Also, be mindful of state laws. Some do not even require drivers caught to take coordination tests. Once a police officer asks you to undergo these tests, you can refuse. Without any proof of DUI, it will be more difficult for a police officer to make a statement in court about the incident. It is also advisable to refuse to answer questions of the police officer. The law gives us the right against self-incrimination, or the right to remain quiet and not answer any question until we find a lawyer to represent us. If you are a PHD kind of person, its time you dealt with the experts.


And if you fail to avoid a DUI arrest, well, you can get the case dismissed or the charges dropped. How? Contact an expert, like, who have the knowledge and skill set suitable for any kind of DUI case.