Living Longer And Having More Fun

You are now retired. You now have the opportunity to engage in the activities that you have long wanted to pursue. You can fill your days in so many ways. Studies show that if you opt to live an active life, you tend to have more fun, have a better quality of life, and live longer.

You can choose to stay at home where you raised your children. It is familiar territory. It is the place you are used to and feel comfortable in. Or you may opt to enjoy the company of other active seniors and stay in an independent living community. Many senior communities have great events targeted to help you stay active and have fun.

This option has several advantages. You enjoy amenities like security, housekeeping, yard maintenance, exercise facilities, and clubhouses. You do not have to worry about meals, laundry service or transportation. You have cultural and social activities to take part in. You enjoy the company of people of similar age and interests.

Statistics shows that people today tend to live longer. They enjoy better health. They are more active. They are more likely to engage in regular physical activities compared to seniors of 20 years ago. They tend to appreciate opportunities for rest and relaxation.

These studies indicate that making physical exercise a part of their daily routine is beneficial, especially for seniors. It promotes more energy. It results in positive feelings. It makes it easier to do other things. Sometimes its just nice to get out and surprise people.

Exercise also helps people who have health problems. It eases the symptoms associated with hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease. What are some forms of physical exercise that seniors are likely to enjoy? Jogging, biking and brisk walking are popular options. You can do these activities outdoors and enjoy the added benefits of fresh air and sunshine. You can do them on your own or enjoy them with friends.

If you love water, you can go swimming or enjoy aqua aerobics. If you want to exercise and socialize at the same time, you can go dancing. Ballroom dancing, square dancing, and line dancing are popular among seniors these days.

If you want to add a meditative slant to your exercise, you have several options. You can do yoga, Tai Chi or Pilates. These disciplines include stretching, which can improve your flexibility. If you want a bit of challenge, you can go for strength training or cross country skiing. Golf has always been a popular form of exercise for seniors.

Many seniors also stay active by engaging in civic or volunteer work. The activities keep them active and give meaning to their days. Use your time meaningfully by doing volunteer work. There are many options, depending on your advocacies and interests. You can always find an organization or group whose efforts focus more on promoting art or history or helping the environment or children. You can be part of these groups and offer your help no matter what your interests are.
You can join a book club. Doing so allows you to engage your mind, make friends and expand your horizons. If you put great value on education, you can volunteer to mentor children. Ask your local library, church or civic organizations how you can help in this way.

You can continue your education by taking enrichment classes. You can learn painting, photography, literary writing, or computer skills. If you want to live longer, have fun and put more meaning in your life, make sure to make space for both physical and leisure activities in your life.